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May 7, 2021

E-drive instead of luxury

At this year’s Auto Show in Shanghai, which took place at the end of April 2021, the spotlights shone brightest in the E-Drive area. Fanji Kong, our colleague on site, brought along pictures and emotions. Let’s go on a journey through current automotive trends with him.

Fanji works for Reilhofer KG in China and is always on the trail of new developments and trends in the Asian and global markets. He visited the Shanghai Auto Show and summarized his visit in emotional and concise sentences and with interesting photos.

Fanji Kong at the Autoshow in Shanghai
The Autoshow was well attended

“The biggest trend I saw at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show is that new automakers made up half of the entire auto show. And by that I mean start-up companies that deal almost exclusively with electric vehicles. Of course, traditional automobile manufacturers have also made further developments in the field of electric drives. Almost all of them have presented or announced their own electric models.

But the main difference compared to previous years was that the luxury car hall was not the most crowded this time, even if everyone likes to see some ultra-luxury brands like Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. But this year everyone turned their attention to electric vehicles. And there are also Chinese, local brands between them. With the continuous progress of the Chinese automotive industry in recent years, the public recognition of domestic vehicles is getting higher and higher, e.g. the Zeekr 001 from Geely or the ArcFox, on which Huawei and BAIC worked together.

Geely’s Zeekr 001
HEV Transmission by SAGW

The team from Reilhofer China has also actively participated in various new e-projects over the past two years. Our deltaANALYSER and the eolANALYSER are already working in most of the laboratories and production lines of these new forces in the Chinese automotive industry.

I also saw some familiar faces in the components sector, such as Valeo Siemens, SAIC Transmission, Fast, etc. They are the customers who work closely with us. When I looked at their booths, I saw that there were so many products that our diagnostic systems had tested that I honestly felt a little proud in my heart. « 

Fanji Kong

Transmissions by FAST
HiPhi X: a fully electric, battery-operated 6-seater from the Chinese manufacturer HiPhi
VW’s fully electric family SUV ID.6 CROZZ is produced for the Chinese market in China
The Xpeng P7 from the Chinese electric start-up Xpeng Motors

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