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May 29, 2020

The New Reilhofer Team North

Reilhofer KG has repositioned itself in the north and we now look after our customers in northern Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia in a more flexible team of three. This team consists of the long-standing employees Sven Pielsticker and Ingo Meyer, as well as the “new entrants” Cora Schiemenz. They work from 3 different locations for increased flexibility.

Ingo Meyer is located in Hanstedt south of Hamburg and mainly tends to customers north of the Elbe river. With Scandinavia, he is responsible for one of the northernmost regions in the world where our measuring devices are used. He has now been working for Reilhofer KG for more than 20 years. It all started at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, where a major order with more than 25 devices was installed and put into operation at that time. After the mere technical support, he then moved on to work in international sales and took also over the marketing department in 2008.

Sven Pielsticker is based in Bad Bentheim, near the Dutch border. From here, the north-western part of Germany can be reached easily and the way to England is not far either. He is also frequently to be found in the region in and around Wolfsburg, where he supports Volkswagen and their suppliers in both commercial and technical matters. This is also where new methods, processes or visions are often put to the test under real conditions and optimised in a joint process. For 8 years now, he has been successfully continuing this partnership in the spirit of Ingo Meyer, who laid the foundations for this nearly 20 years ago.

Flexible and quick: the new Team North of the Reilhofer KG looks after our customers in Northern Germany as well as Northern Europe together.

Cora Schiemenz has already been working for Reilhofer KG since March 2017. She started as a working student during her studies of physical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. After her practical semester at RHF, which was especially concerned with our various sensors, she also wrote her final thesis in this field at our company in 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, she has been in permanent employment with Reilhofer KG and can now draw on her fresh specialist knowledge from her studies as well as her experience with our products. Cora’s main task in “Team North” is technical support. If she is not on site with customers, she is primarily to be found at the headquarters in Karlsfeld. This gives her direct contact to the development and production departments, and thus fast access to know-how and spare parts for a smooth support for our customers, sometimes remotely.

The new “Team North” now stands for high flexibility and fast customer interaction in the Northern European region. Through the close exchange between the team members, working together on projects and combining their know-how, they are much more flexible and faster in customer support than before. Each team member is now already sufficiently familiar with all customers and applications in the region and can therefore easily stand in for their colleague. This enables us to support our customers ideally and quickly, because everyone has a different focus and different strengths.

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