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November 24, 2020

Reilhofer KG at the “China Automotive Technology Development Forum”

While events are still rarely taking place in almost all of our core markets due to the current pandemic, there is significantly more airflow in everyday work in China. The “China Automotive Technology Development Forum” (CATDIF) took place from November 16-19, 2020 in Kunming. The Chinese RHF colleagues took part in the forum as well as in the parallel “Equipment Show”.

The “China Automotive Technology Development Forum” is organized by the China Auto Technology and Research Center (CATARC), which this year brought together around a thousand high-ranking participants from the fields of automotive production, politics and science. The focus of this year’s forum was “Technological innovation and joint development”. The aim was, on the one hand, to discuss new concepts for the development of automotive technology and, on the other hand, to advance the search for new possibilities for coordinated technological development.

It was made clear that the focus after the pandemic will be more on consumption, increasing competition and on industrial mergers and restructuring as well as the upgrading of the supply chain. “And so the main points of discussion were the topics of emission guidelines and regulations for motor vehicles, advanced battery technology, new motor vehicle technology and the development of safety technologies,” reports RHF employee Xing Wang afterwards. In the individual forums, thematic sub-discussions were organized that deal with the most important areas of development in automotive technology, such as intelligent network connection, environmental protection, security, software and innovation testing, research and detailed key technologies.

The “Equipment Show”, which took place at the same time, was like a small trade fair and offered contact with customers and interested parties who wanted to get an idea of the acoustic diagnostic systems. Reilhofer KG was invited to the forum by CATARC, who are successful users of several deltaANALYSER for early stage damage detection in development. Such events always offer a successful environment for networking and customer loyalty. Thanks to CATARC and we look forward to continued good cooperation.

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