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June 28, 2021

A challenge for Reilhofer China Co., Ltd

Usually they are active in day-to-day business across the country, but now all employees at our Chinese location met for a multi-day team event. A look at our China team and an insight into the structure of Reilhofer China Co., Ltd.

In 2008 Reilhofer KG opened its own branch in China. Since the market was and is still one of the most important for the company, a 100% subsidiary of Reilhofer KG was founded in China in 2019: Reilhofer China Co., Ltd. The two senior executives on site, Xing Wang and Fanji Kong, became managing directors in China. Together with 5 employees who are based at various customer-oriented locations within China, they look after the Reilhofer customers on site. The team is strengthened by Guilaume Morin, who switched from the French RHF location to the Chinese a few years ago as an acoustics expert. One of the main reasons for establishing it locally was so that all business can thus be carried out using the local currency and conditions, which is a significant advantage for our business partners in China.

The team from Reilhofer China Co., Ltd with family members at the team event

Now one can imagine that in a country like China there are not exactly physical “short distances” and that a real team exchange primarily has to be digital. All the greater was the joy of getting back together personally after all the long (pandemic) time. And not for a service meeting, but for a team event. Together, the team faced various tasks over several days, which welded together and were a lot of fun. Our on-site employee, Yufang Liu, then sent us this beautiful report, which we want to share completely and in the original due to the great personal description:

„In my opinion, the meaning of Team building is to gather the strength of the team and let every member have the sense of team. The same is true at work. Everyone is an important part of the company.

On the first day, we gathered at the Moganshan discovery expansion base at 2 p.m. We inspire the passion of the team through mutual encouragement. Every time the team successfully completed the project, we feel the joy and pride of victory in our hearts.

Challenges and fun at the team event.

On the second day, it was to climb over the primeval forest of Gelin fairyland. The rugged mountain road, deep forest and luxuriant trees, and the bamboo leaves on the ground made the uneven path more challenging. Such a long-distance hike is indeed the best way to challenge ourselves, melt the team and enhance the combat effectiveness of the team. The members helped each other and made us feel that the road ahead was not so tortuous.

Just two days of Team building, spent in happiness, in retrospect, a lot of fun, a lot of harvest. The encouragement of the team, good interpersonal relationship and warm atmosphere have increased our courage to overcome difficulties and strength to make continuous progress, which makes us communicate and cooperate more effectively and treat our work more positively.”

Well-deserved dinner. Cheers for the solidarity and the great team work.

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