29. Juli 2021

Future-oriented and geared towards growth: we are hiring.

Initially uncertain how the pandemic will affect the economy, we can now set our future course with optimism and are looking for new colleagues who will allow our team to grow – quantitatively and interdisciplinary.

Of course, the last few months have also changed our day-to-day work at Reilhofer KG. Fewer trips to our customers, home office, hardly any direct and personal exchange with international colleagues, no trade fairs and exhibitions except in China, technical support was almost without exception by phone and online communication channels. At first we thought that for a product that required a lot of explanations like ours, it would cause a number of challenges. However, we now know that, if needed, business can work without a personal handshake. Because our customers, partners and colleagues were in the same boat like us, and got used to the currently changing communication conditions. Since projects can also be successfully implemented over a distance, as long as our customer visits in person are not possible, we can focus on the future. It became clear to us that we need more employees who can support us even with the sometimes slightly different tasks due to the varying customer communication in these days. “With new employees, we can continue to grow professionally and ultimately economically and support the automotive sector in these special times when it comes to new and innovative powertrain methods,” says CEO Stefan Salvermoser with certainty. “That is why we want to let our team grow in very different specialist areas: from application development to hardware development to project management and mobile support.”

A large HR campaign is now being started. The aim is not only to employ specialists, but also to win young people for an apprenticeship. “Especially in these sometimes uncertain times, we want to offer young people a perspective. We are experienced in apprenticeships and will do our best to provide our trainees with high-quality tools,” says Stefan Salvermoser. Two apprenticeships are offered: as an Computer Scientist specialized in application development and as an IT System Electronics Technician. These apprenticeships will start in autumn 2021.

“In addition, we are currently working on an offer for a dual study program. Together with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, we want to offer this programme beginning from summer semester 2022,” says Stefan Salvermoser, looking forward to the newly created education prospects at Reilhofer KG.

Details on the offer of the dual study program are currently work in progress. But the following positions are now open:

• Application Developer (m/f/d)
• Hardware Developer (m/f/d)
• Application and Project Engineer (m/f/d)
• Support and Project Technician (m/f/d)
Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker (m/w/d) – Fachrichtung Anwendungsentwicklung (apprenticeship computer scientist)
Ausbildung zum IT-System-Elektroniker (m/w/d) (apprenticeship IT System Electronics Technician)

All details about the positions can be found here.

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