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March 16, 2020

We are still available for you

The corona virus currently determines all of our lives. We have to learn to deal with restrictions internationally in both private and business environments. We go on: in production and accounting on site, development in the home office, for project management and support we are there for you worldwide with telephone and video conferences.

Every industry is facing enormous challenges these days. The daily news doesn’t stop there. From aviation industry to tourism and countless services are in the forced break and sometimes in fear of losing livelihood. This crisis has also arrived at the global automotive sector. Our customers and partners operate worldwide. So far many companies in the automotive sector, almost all of them, had to significantly reduce their production or stop it altogether. The development departments are also working more and more in the home office. If there are hardly any activities in the test departments, we will of course notice this in our day-to-day work.

We are fortunate that all of our international employees are in the country in which they live or that they look after. This enables us to act in the respective country depending on the national circumstances and time zones. Because the worldwide travel restrictions would make it impossible for other colleagues to be on site.

With few exceptions, our employees work in the home office at the company headquarters in Germany. The colleagues in production and accounting are present because existing and new orders have to be processed. Deliveries, pickups and repairs are also possible during normal business hours. As far as possible, colleagues from the development are also in the home office. Of course, promised features or functions are integrated.

We are available to our customers, who now mostly also operate in their home office, via telephone, mail and remote support. Our usual personal visits to present our products and services to the customer on site now take place via video conference. In this way we want to enable our customers to avoid having to completely postpone the time and budget plans of their projects into the unknown. As always, there is a workaround to master the current challenges.

Ultimately, as a company, we want to offer our customers the usual service when they need it. On the other hand, we want to do everything for the health of the people who are close to our hearts: our employees, our customers, partner companies and suppliers with all their families.

Stay healthy,
Your Reilhofer Team

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