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October 27, 2021

Chinese e-drive market continues to grow

In 2021, sales of automobiles with e-drives reached a new sales record in China. In «Golden September» 2021, despite global delivery bottlenecks, 1.5 times more electric cars were sold than in September 2020. We asked our local RHF team for an up-to-date assessment of the e-drive market in China.

There is an old saying in China’s automobile market “Golden September, Silver October”, which is used to describe the boom in vehicle sales in these two months. However, only 3 million passenger cars were sold during this year due to the shortage of chips, it is 16.5% less year-on-year. Contrarily the E-Drive car sales continued its good performance with increase in production and sales both month-on-month and year-on-year. It even created a new sales record. The monthly sales in September reached the number of over 350 thousand, an increase of 14.5% month-on-month and 1.5 times year-on-year. It is said that China’s annual sales of E-drive vehicles may exceed 3 million without big disturbance this year.

Right now, China’s E-drive vehicles are in a great period. More and more independent E-drive brands and traditional car manufacturers are making big investment in E-drive industry. The government is also supporting the E-Drive business rigorously. Nowadays public charging stations are everywhere in major cities and highways. Driving electric vehicles to Xinjiang and Tibet is no longer a fantasy.

We from Reilhofer KG are also actively part of this. Our Chinese team is busy working in the field of Early Stage Damage Detection and End of Line NVH diagnosis of electric drive systems. With the continuous efforts and cooperation of the team, we have also gained many new E-Drive customer’s recognition, such as HUAWEI, Sokon, Vremet, Broad-Ocean EV, Ekontrol, UAES (博世) etc. Our entire team will continue to contribute to the development of China’s E-drive field.

Team Reilhofer, Shanghai

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