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December 30, 2021

At full speed into 2022

2021 is coming to an end. It was another special year – and yet a positive year for us. For all of us it was associated with further changes or restrictions in our private as well as in the business environment. Now at the end of 2021, let’s look back at the day-to-day life of Reilhofer KG and our industry and, above all, look ahead.

2021 … another year is over. We had hoped that business would be a little more relaxed and personal again than in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic also determined this year’s togetherness. Some of our planned trade fair participations were again canceled. Visits were mainly possible in the summer months to our European customers. Globally, we were still restricted by entry regulations, so that we couldn’t keep our usual personal contact as we would have liked. Of course, online conversations and meetings made work-related interactions possible. But we still miss the personal contact. Our well-known industry event, the “Reilhofer Technology Day”, which actually brings our customers and partners to one table every 2 years, could also not take place in autumn.

China is an important market. We are represented there with a large subsidiary.
We are globally successful in NVH diagnosis of powertrains.

Despite the restrictions, it was a good and successful year for Reilhofer KG. Of course, our customers in Europe, the USA, China and Asia continued to work on developments and in the production of e-drives, motors and transmissions. The topics of early stage damage detection in development and quality assurance in production play an important role, as always, so that we were able to maintain and expand our position on the market.

In our own development we work continuously to adapt to the needs of the market. Because we, the Reilhofer KG, live from the fact that we support the automobile manufacturers with their goals with our knowledge and our products. These goals have always been market-driven: less fuel, less weight, smaller and thus: cheaper.

Added to this are the changes to the products themselves: the change from the combustion engine to alternative drive methods that began a few years ago with the aim of protecting the climate. These related challenges are enormous. Because so far, using the combustion engine as an example, it has been around 100 years of development and improvement. The long time corresponds to about 3 generations of professionals. But this change is now taking place much faster. The future calls for CO2-free vehicles. And this future actually began yesterday. Such a strong technological change, which is also socially and politically demanded, is associated with a great deal of effort. Every technology, and there is no exception, needs an optimization phase. This takes longer than the development of the first functional model. We also bring our more than 30 years of expertise to this changing product market. We recognize that our field of work will continue to grow. We will support our customers in all questions and with all challenges. In this way, we also want to help ensure that the CO2 reductions are achieved.

As an attractive employer in the region, we repeatedly draw attention to vacancies.
In 2021 we were a premium sponsor of the TUfast Racing Team of the TU Munich. ((c) Maru, FSG)

We want to continue working efficiently with our customers and partners all over the world in the new year 2022. We are not giving up hope of intensifying our usual personal service on site. We wish us and you a healthy 2022 and that we can see each other again soon. Be it with you, with us in Karlsfeld or at one of our worldwide locations or at one of the trade fairs currently planned:

May 10-12, 2022: CWIEME, Berlin / Germany

June 21-23, 2022: Testing Expo Europe, Stuttgart / Germany

September 5-7, 2022: Testing Expo China, Shanghai / China

October 25-27, 2022: Testing Expo USA, Novi Michigan / USA

Right on time for the end of the year, we also focused our attention on our own quality once more and can guarantee our customers that our processes will also comply with the applicable quality guidelines in the coming year. Because our annual certifications for ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 were successfully extended in December 2021. We are ready for the new year and look forward to many exciting projects with you.

Start with us into a healthy and successful year 2022.

ppa. Andreas Mathiak on behalf of the whole Reilhofer KG team

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