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September 30, 2021

Powerful Days at the IAA in Munich

The IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich was focused on the future of mobility and electrification. A clear signal for the change in our industry: new trade fair, new concept, held in a new city — and finally again with many guests on site. We at Reilhofer KG were right in the middle of it all.

Modern, innovative, exciting, thrilling and very successful: the premiere of the new IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich was a complete success. As an important location for “innovation and technology”, Munich presented itself excellently despite the still existing corona regulations. “The new open trade fair concept, with the important approach of bringing the trade fair into the city to the poeple, was absolutely correct and modern, in my opinion. Because the real change ultimately takes place on the street”, says RHF colleague Werner Maresch, who was there for Reilhofer KG on all days of the IAA.

Werner Maresch met with many of our customers and partners on site and looked enthusiastically at the industry’s ideas on how future mobility could be designed: “There were powerful days full of wonderful encounters, conversations, impressions and emotions. It’s nice to see how much people are excited about the topic of ‘mobility of the future’. Be it B2B or B2C: Bringing innovative mobility to people, jointly discussing ideas for these topics of tomorrow and finding solutions is the great task of our industry.»

The entire spectrum of current and future global mobility was exhibited, including historical and modern vehicles, on two or four wheels, with electric or classic drives and much more. Another focus was the change in the use of mobility: the design of local public transport, purchase options vs. car sharing, subscription, rental or leasing, etc. The “Blue Lane” connected the exhibition areas in the city center with the exhibition center and was only available to climate-friendly vehicles. Visitors could test one of 255 vehicles for this.

Since the IAA was now taking place in Munich for the first time and thus almost directly in front of the gates of Reilhofer KG, CEO Stefan Salvermoser and CMO Ingo Meyer also took the opportunity to feel the fresh breeze at the trade fair and to meet our customers. The discussions were not only about early stage damage detection in the development of future powertrain solutions, because this will of course continue to play an important role. The professional exchange about the design of mobility on the road was also a topic and the joy of finally seeing each other again in person. With the personal visit to the IAA, we also joined the official visitor numbers that are impressive: 400,000 participants from 95 countries, 744 exhibitors and 936 speakers from 32 countries.

The next IAA will take place from 5.-10. September 2023 in Munich. Werner Maresch is looking forward to it and is excited to see how developments will progress: “The many new technologies and the demands placed on the mostly young engineers require increased global communication and an open exchange of ideas. I am sure that in 2023 all car brands and their technical environment will present themselves in a completely new way and deliver even more innovations for a global mobile future.” True to the trade fair motto What will move us next, we will stay on the ball.

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