Early Stage Damage Detection / deltaANALYSER

Detect changes at an early stage and protect your specimen from severe damage. Whether it’s e-drives, engines or transmission units: all specimens face tough challenges in continuous operation.

Quality Assurance / eolANALYSER

Good quality means satisfied customers. New drive concepts create fresh challenges. End-of-line testing checks the quality of ongoing production as a means of detecting faults.


Speed signal processing

Raising the bar for speed signal processing: obtain meaningful pulses, even from noisy signals.

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Global Failure Database

Data analysis across different locations

Use the fault database for quick and secure analysis in production and development.

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Reilhofer Order Calculator

Order calculation

Calculate your complete specimen in just 5 minutes with the Reilhofer Order Calculator.

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All in: Services.


We begin projects by providing you with detailed advice on how acoustic diagnosis systems can be used in your test runs.

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Installation & Support

We come to your premises to install the measurement systems and to provide support. We are personally available for you.

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We organise training to give your employees the know-how they need, for instance to evaluate measurement results.

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Financing options

Feel free to contact us if you wish to purchase, lease or obtain financing for equipment. We will always identify the right solution.

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Satisfied Customers.

We have based our success on a simple formula for over 30 years: “Our work focuses on finding the ideal technical solution for each of our customers, not on maximising profits.” After all, commercial success is the inevitable product of good work.  

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Trade Fairs
Guaranteed Quality thanks to ISO 9001 Certification

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015, we continuously check and optimise our workflows and production processes to guarantee you receive flawless quality.

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Your Career at RHF

As a steadily expanding company, we are always delighted to meet reliable, passionate and talented candidates. Feel free to apply!

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28. June 2021

A challenge for Reilhofer China Co., Ltd

Usually they are active in day-to-day business across the country, but now all employees at our Chinese location met for a multi-day team event. A look at our China team and an insight into the structure of Reilhofer China Co., Ltd.

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7. May 2021

E-drive instead of luxury

At this year's Auto Show in Shanghai, which took place at the end of April 2021, the spotlights shone brightest in the E-Drive area. Fanji Kong, our colleague on site, brought along pictures and emotions. Let's go on a journey through current automotive trends with him.

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30. March 2021

Happy Birthday, Test Equipment Distributors!

When a family business celebrates its 50th birthday, that is a great milestone to celebrate. And if this milestone falls in the Corona period of all times, then you think the celebration will be canceled. TED, Test Equipment Distributors, our partner in the USA, thought nothing of that. Our colleagues and friends celebrated their anniversary with a big and successful online party and we, RHF, were there live - and online, too. What fun!

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5. February 2021

RHF in Japan. Or: When employees get itchy feet.

Reilhofer KG has been active on the Japanese market for more than 20 years. Together with the local partner, Automax, customers are visited, projects are coordinated on site and data analyses are done. Unfortunately, everything currently has to work remotely for Manuel Willander, who looks after the automotive industry there for RHF. Since Japan is an important market for Reilhofer KG, the detailed RHF website is now also available in Japanese language to simplify the flow of information in these (and future) days. We spoke to Manuel about his work before, during and after the pandemic.

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30. December 2020

2020 – RHF’s review of the year

Now this year 2020 is coming to an end. A year ago no one had thought what would happen in the next 12 months. A change in the automotive industry was expected. But nobody had expected a pandemic and its influences on this scale. Andreas Mathiak, Head of Global Sales at RHF, looks back on an unusual year.

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24. November 2020

Reilhofer KG at the “China Automotive Technology Development Forum”

While events are still rarely taking place in almost all of our core markets due to the current pandemic, there is significantly more airflow in everyday work in China. The “China Automotive Technology Development Forum” (CATDIF) took place from November 16-19, 2020 in Kunming. The Chinese RHF colleagues took part in the forum as well as in the parallel “Equipment Show”.

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