Early Stage Damage Detection / deltaANALYSER

Detect changes at an early stage and protect your specimen from severe damage. Whether it’s e-drives, engines or transmission units: all specimens face tough challenges in continuous operation.

Quality Assurance / eolANALYSER

Good quality means satisfied customers. New drive concepts create fresh challenges. End-of-line testing checks the quality of ongoing production as a means of detecting faults.


Speed signal processing

Raising the bar for speed signal processing: obtain meaningful pulses, even from noisy signals.

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Global Failure Database

Data analysis across different locations

Use the fault database for quick and secure analysis in production and development.

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Reilhofer Order Calculator

Order calculation

Calculate your complete specimen in just 5 minutes with the Reilhofer Order Calculator.

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All in: Services.


We begin projects by providing you with detailed advice on how acoustic diagnosis systems can be used in your test runs.

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Installation & Support

We come to your premises to install the measurement systems and to provide support. We are personally available for you.

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We organise training to give your employees the know-how they need, for instance to evaluate measurement results.

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Financing options

Feel free to contact us if you wish to purchase, lease or obtain financing for equipment. We will always identify the right solution.

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Satisfied Customers.

We have based our success on a simple formula for over 30 years: “Our work focuses on finding the ideal technical solution for each of our customers, not on maximising profits.” After all, commercial success is the inevitable product of good work.  

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Trade Fairs
Guaranteed Quality thanks to ISO 9001 Certification

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015, we continuously check and optimise our workflows and production processes to guarantee you receive flawless quality.

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Your Career at RHF

As a steadily expanding company, we are always delighted to meet reliable, passionate and talented candidates. Feel free to apply!

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9. September 2019

Student trainee, intern or bachelor thesis at RHF? – Why ‘or’?!

With the right knowledge, dedication and initiative, a student career at Reilhofer KG can take you as far as Sweden …

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21. August 2019

The Lucky Break We Owe to a Competitor

Thirty years of running a company that tirelessly hones its technology, responds to market changes and customer wishes and works hard to create solutions gives you plenty of stories to tell. Johannes Reilhofer, the boss at Reilhofer KG, has fond memories of a benchmark test he conducted on a competitor’s product using the eolANALYSER.

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24. July 2019

From Delhi Belly to Border Control. Travelling with RHF is never boring.

Our avowed principle of remaining close to our customers has led to a few internal discussions about new cross-sectoral fields of business. And we rarely run out of ideas, as they are deeply rooted in practical experience. Here are a few of the latest highlights.

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20. June 2019

The Reilhofer Technology Day as an industry event for new products and best practices

Customers, prospectives and partners gather regularly in Germany, the United States, Italy and China to share their views on RHF diagnosis systems and their use cases.

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