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Warm-hearted and Technical.

That’s what we are.

These are probably the most important ‘characteristics’ of Reilhofer KG. We are a medium-sized technology company domiciled in Karlsfeld, Germany. Experts in the field of structure-borne sound, we work continuously each day to develop technical solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors, as well as for industrial and service companies. We enjoy our work and of course engage in healthy debate or even arguments, like in any other thriving business. But the final product to hit the table is always a solution that makes us proud. Our team is internationally structured and on the move across the globe. Many of us spend a lot of time travelling, while others look after professional production and orderly administration. One CEO and three company officers are in charge of the individual divisions. That’s what our life is like at Reilhofer KG. To recharge our batteries from time to time, we organise regular team events that are fun but challenging. They include German Automobile Association driving courses for the entire staff or James Bond adventures in the rain. The morning pretzels straight from the bakery and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the offices give us the extra energy we need each day.

We apply a simple principle :

Install – connect – go home.

We create space. In all of our ideas and developments, we automate recurring tasks and processes to ensure that our diagnosis systems work all by themselves. Without human supervision. 24/7.

No expert needed.

We save on resources. The measurement findings we deliver to customers should help them to optimise product development and manufacturing processes meaningfully, entirely without intricate calculations by physicists or NVH engineers.

Think global, be local.

We are where you are. Close contact with our customers is the only way to deliver our proven and outstanding quality. We are always open to the challenges our customers bring, thus allowing solutions to them to be developed.

Technology first, then money.

We speak the language of solutions. Technical implementation of our customers’ tasks is always the top priority. No matter how modest the budgets have been, we have always found a solution. And that will never change.

Reilhofer stays Reilhofer.

We will always be independent. As an owner-managed company, we are flexible and not profit-driven. We invest in proprietary ideas, which we develop, experiment with, and modify. Our success is built on this, commercially as well.
Reilhofer on YouTube

Diagnosis systems for structure-borne sound are our core business. From time to time, though, we dip our toes into the world of multimedia and become film producers.

Johannes Reilhofer, CEO.

Our Chief Executive Officer and eponymous figurehead is Johannes Reilhofer. Asked about the nascent days of the young company, he’ll flash a delighted grin and start speaking of an idea that began like this: “The head of testing at a lorry company enquired about the most elegant way to record data for a continuous experiment involving a gigantic axle drive. That was in 1989. They anticipated testing to take 3 months. Measurement data needed to be obtained from four measuring points over the entire period. At the time, that was a virtually inconceivable volume of data, which they estimated at around 2 GB. Floppy disks were still the medium of choice, each with a storage capacity of 1.4 MB. Semiconductor storage was unaffordable back then. So we suggested conducting the tests – in some way but on all accounts – online, so that the system could be stopped automatically as soon as damage occurred.” The company was born from this idea. After all, analysing data at the same time as testing was a revolutionary approach.

Today, 30 years down the line, Johannes Reilhofer is at the helm of a medium-sized company with international locations and a young, multicultural team from a variety of disciplines that focuses mainly on early stage damage detection and quality assurance for end-of-line inspections. Measurement findings are analysed live and continuously as a matter of course and help our customers to maintain the quality of their products. Thankfully, floppies went the way of the dodo bird a long time ago.

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