Early Stage Damage Detection

Early Stage Damage Detection

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What makes early stage damage detection so important?

Engineered components still require mechanical testing, even in our modern age of computer simulations and additive manufacturing. After all, it is impossible to calculate how a component will actually respond, no matter how many times it is simulated. A meticulous test run is vital to validate a successful design. The process detects and continuously rectifies vulnerabilities.

But how do you detect incipient damage, e.g. to the bearings? Using structure-borne sound. Things would be so simple if a healthy drive was as quiet as a mouse. Just monitoring the aggregate structure-borne sound is not sufficient in this case. The deltaANALYSER diagnosis system is used to separate permitted engine noise from the prohibited sounds of damage. This must take place at a very early stage, namely when the emission accounts for around 1 part per thousand of total noise. Early damage detection is vital so that the deltaANALYSER can identify the weakest component. This means that only the defective part needs to be replaced, without adversely affecting the other components. The method prevents follow-on or complete damage, which would not permit any meaningful conclusion of where the problems actually started. Healthy components can continue the test run based on the mileage they have already completed. Done professionally, early stage damage detection saves precious time and eases the strain on development budgets.

5 reasons for the deltaANALYSER

Rapid amortisation

The deltaANALYSER shortens the length of testing, protects specimens against total failure, and gleans more insight from the analyses themselves. On average, the system pays its way in less than 12 months.

Detects how damage progresses

Engineers need to know the sequence in which damage occurred during testing. Dismantling the parts is unlikely to yield satisfactory answers. Evaluating the measurement data obtained by the deltaANALYSER delivers a meaningful solution: It identifies the points and the precise sequence of damage.

24/7 monitoring

Test runs with the deltaANALYSER are fully automatic. This means that the test facility can be operated round the clock, with less staff and optimised utilisation.

Improved utilisation of the test beds

Efficiency per test bed can be increased by as much as 20% with the deltaANALYSER. Early notification of incipient damage allows operators to start preparing the next specimen, thus keeping downtime to a minimum.

Highly dynamic measurement

Whether it’s simulating a desert rally, a Formula 1 circuit, urban driving, a motorway test or polycyclic profiles, the deltaANALYSER is ideally suited to all kinds of functional and durability testing. Entirely static runs are no problem either, of course.

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January 30, 2020

New E-Mobility renews deltaANALYSER

With E-mobility car manufacturers are facing new tasks in development. The latest version of the deltaANALYSER v3 for early stage damage detection is meeting these challenges. We present the most important product innovations to you here.

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