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Why is order calculation necessary?

What use is even the best spectrum if the user in charge cannot interpret it? Structure-borne sound is used to identify changes in mechanical components. Unfortunately, it is not the components that change in a spectrum, but the orders. The test specimen needs to be mapped in order to identify which component has changed. NVH experts compute the frequencies of the individual components. However, they are not useful for a dynamic test run, as they change continuously as soon as there is variance in the speed. We developed the Reilhofer Order Calculator to eliminate the need to consult with an NVH expert.

Which components generate which orders?

All rotating parts (e.g. gearwheels, shafts), cyclic, recurring actions (e.g. ignition) or constantly emitted results (e.g. from frequency inverters) create structure-borne sound that can be visualised as a spectrum.

Is the phenomenon in question a defective component or resonance?

It is essential to calculate the harmonic orders of the components to make this distinction. Determining resonance is no easy task. But resonance does not just show one single order, rather many adjoining spectra. Once calculated, the components are sorted in groups within a table and listed with up to 50x the basic order. The orders can also be shown as an ascending list to enable rapid analysis.

What happens in more complex applications, such as in an engine-transmission unit or a complete 4-wheel powertrain?

Without ROC, users will soon drift into unmanageable territory during analyses of complex issues. The assistance of an NVH specialist will usually be needed, but even they will struggle to remain abreast of all the details given the product variety currently on the market. Our ROC and its complete integration into our proprietary analysis programs help users and turns them into specialists, even when dealing with complex applications.

Can different models be created?

Complex powertrains can be modelled quickly and easily thanks to the large number of preconfigured and standardised modules, as well as the intuitive operation. The relevant orders are also calculated automatically.

Can errors creep in?

No. The model is checked for plausibility prior to calculation. This means that the system reports errors, for instance in the power train, blockages or synchronisation, so that only correct models are used for downstream analyses. The colour-coded design helps with the quick and easy identification of faults.

Is manual comparison of the findings and the spectra necessary?

Integration within our analysis software means that the changes that cause shut-down/not OK alerts can be assigned directly to the matching components, hence indicating the cause of the damage. These models can be used in the eolANALYSER for automated pattern recognition, which delivers a real-time diagnosis directly at the test bed. The ROC data is also available for extensive analysis in the eolANALYSER and deltaANALYSER readings.

Is there an export feature?

The calculation results can be exported from the ROC to an Excel file. Work on the results can therefore continue on other computers, even if they do not have the ROC program. The export feature in the analysis programs also enables migration of the ROC data and the relevant spectra to the Global Failure Database. This reduces the workload to a minimum.

What are the benefits of the Reilhofer Order Calculator?

Which designs are possible?

Everything is possible in terms of transmissions, from stick shift to automatic and even dual clutch transmission units. Engines with 1 to 16 cylinders are included in the design options. All standard engineering types are integrated. The ROC is equipped for future tasks on the powertrain, as it also covers e-drives/e-motors and the freely configurable Ravigneaux planetary gear set. Bearings can also be included for all designs, enabling a complete calculation of orders.

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